To earn most durable trust among our customers we focus on good quality. We reach it with thorough planning, proper working and experience of decades. For planning new products we collaborate and specify the needs and targets of our customers. Our personnel in its entirety looks after full reliability of deliveries and good quality remaining.

Our quality system quides each step and enables constant quality. Documents of legitimate and of features of our products are available on demand.

In case we know a product is getting on food contact, we are able to apply in-house control system according to HACCP-methods
and comply with EC regulation.


Our principle is sustainable development. It contains a group of duties but outwards it is visible for instance in using recycled material. Main part of the raw material we use is recycled, gathered industrially and increasingly by domestics.

Our goal is to avoid overcharging the nature. All the branch currents are being utilisized. All of our products are recyclable and can be burned on energy plants.